About the Bike Archive…

This archive was established by Holly H. Hart with help from Erin to allow followers of Angharad’s magnum opus to read it without having to download in excess of 1,000 parts one by one.

Of course, none of this would be possible if it were not for Angharad and her wonderful story on BigCloset TopShelf. Our grateful thanks go to her both for writing and continuing the saga, and for supporting this initiative.

In setting up this archive, Holly wrote:
“This is an authorised compilation of Angharad’s story, with some minor reformatting of the synopsis areas and ending comments to make it work as a continuous story. I have retained her beginnings and endings except where they were repetitive. It has also received a UK spell checking and very minor editing. I hope you enjoy not having to download a large number of parts individually.”

Dormouse with blackberries

Dormouse with blackberries

Since then, work and RL issues have made it difficult for Holly to maintain the archive in a timely fashion, and PS has taken over as the archivist. You can contact us by logging on to BigCloset TopShelf and sending a Private Message to Holly H. Hart and PS.

Alternatively, add a comment to the Off-Site Archive page on BigCloset TopShelf—it will be seen by us.

If you wish to make a comment on the Easy As Falling Off A Bike story, please go to the original part by part posting on BigCloset TopShelf.

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